The Vision


If you're involved in sport you know the thrill of using your body, of running, jumping, passing, swimming, moving, dancing, hitting, kicking, training, competing... You know the strong friendships and communities that form through sport. And you're one of the 5.2 million* in Australia who understanding this! That's 28% of our nation who are involved in organised sport! 5.2 million that are enjoying the gift of sport! God calls us to "go and make disciples of all nations" and the 'nation' of sports people in Australia is big. And it's not just in Australia, watch the vision video below about the global sports ministry movement.


Here at Sports Plus all our leaders and coaches are Christians in sport and the vision is for young people to recognise that their ability to play sport is a gift from God. Sport is such a gift and we want young athletes to be able to come to a camp that enables them to receive quality coaching and improve in their sport. Alongside this we want to give each young athlete the opportunity to explore who Jesus is, what He's done for them and what it means to be a Christian in Sport. So you don't need to be a Christian to attend Sports Plus (in fact 30% of those who attend aren't associated with a church) but just willing to explore who Jesus is.




At Sports Plus you're likely to hear the phrase "Pray-Play-Say". Watch the video below to find out about "Pray-Play-Say". 


Our History


The Sports Plus model started in the UK by Christians in Sport but in 2013 a group of us in Perth decided to get Sports Plus Perth going (though there is no official association with Christians in Sport). In July 2014 the first Sports Plus was held in Perth and was attended by 34 young athletes alongside a team of 9 coaches, 10 team leaders and 5 support staff. The athletes and volunteer staff came from over 30 different churches representing 8 denominations. Now in it's 5th year, Sports Plus has built momentum and we pray one day will be accessible to young people in all of Australia's major cities.


Our Organisation

We are a non-profit event of On Mission Games and all our coaches, leaders and staff contribute financially to coming to Sports Plus. We never want to see young athletes turned away from coming to Sports Plus because of lack of finance. If you are able please click here to donate and support a young person or leader to come. Donations towards administration costs are also appreciated.


Our Values


Our key values are based of the global sports ministry movement as outlined in the diagram below.


What we do? Share the gospel, make disciples, obey the bible

Where we do it? In and through local churches, in sport, in every city and country

How we do it? We live as servants, we work as teams, we partner


On Mission Games


Sports Plus is an event of On Mission Games. On Mission Games runs sporting programs to help connect the sporting world with the local church. On Mission Games oversees a range of events from the recently developed Kids Games and regional youth games to State Youth Games which has run for over 30 years.



*Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013-14


Sports Plus Coaching Camp Perth

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