What parents are saying...


"Thanks again for all your efforts putting together Sports Plus, our son really enjoyed himself, learnt a lot and was really impressed with the coaching as well!"

"There has not been a moment of silence since I’ve picked up my children from Sports Plus. My heart is filled with gratitude for what you have sowed into their hearts and life this week."

"I just wanted to say a very very BIG thank you for the transformation in my daughter, who came back from Sports Plus positively beaming, chattering away, laughing++ as she relayed many of the experiences. She said that it was the best week in her life without a doubt!!"

"How blessed those children all were to be able to attend such an amazing God driven camp. My son had such a ball and has continued to chat about all aspects of it. We have been raving about it to our little church and friends so THANK YOU!"

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What athletes are saying...


“Excellent, professional coaching combined with fun games and the ability to learn more about God” Chris

“Accommodation was better than expected. There was support to ask questions about God and learned different skills and tactics for my sport” Will

“There were consistent high standards for everything. It’s a must-go-to gamp offering great quality coaching for numerous sport, in-depth study of the bible and great food and accommodation. No other camp can come close to beating this one!” Guillaume

“You have no idea just how amazing this camp and the people are – it’s honestly indescribable. I am so glad for all the memories and friendships, they are irreplaceable.” Emma

“I was surprised how much God’s presence impacted me and my friends” Hannah

“A great time to play sport, make new friends and deeper your relationship with Christ” Sam

“A great opportunity to improve your sport and get to meet new people as well as explore the bible” Joel

“The food was very good and the coaching is high quality” Ryan

“It is a great opportunity to strengthen your faith whilst improving your performance in your sport” Adrian

“Sports Plus is really, really fun, the sport is amazing, the food is amazing and the dorms are amazing and you get to learn more about Jesus” Megan

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What leaders are saying...


“What came through so clearly from the athletes was how valuable the culture is, how amazingly relevant the talks were and how significant the relationships with others on camp have been!!I did hear through a number of athletes over the week the reason they come back has much or even more to do with the Christian input!!” Jono

“One athlete came to me after camp and said that one of the talks we gave really impacted and affected him deeply and just wanted me to know that it affected many of the boys as they were talking about it” Hermand

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect young athletes with the Gospel through their sport. The entire crew is welcoming. The program is well planned and boasts a great culture of unity and purpose” Julian

“The professional culture which is set up on camp allows the athletes to be more equipped in their sport and also understanding who Jesus is” Ben

“Sports Plus has an awesome culture, not only do the athletes get to develop their skills and have awesome relationships with their coaches, but the Christian teaching is solid, the gospel is explore and loving Christian relationships are formed” Esther

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Sports Plus Coaching Camp Perth

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