Kirsten Matchett I Netball Coach 


Kirsten has been involved with netball for over 25 years starting with her early years as a girl growing up in Geraldton.

As an adult she moved to Perth and continued with her love of Netball. Starting out as a defender she normally played either GD or GK. However over the past 5 years she has transitioned into the attacker roles of GA and GS. Given her strength learnt as a defender she has become a formidable shooter and knows all the tricks on how to defend the defender which in her words “it is very annoying as a defender when a shooter starts defending you!”


Through her association with Eels Netball Club she has become a Coach/Player and lead her Division 4 Open team to the be Champions of the 2016 Season at the Wanneroo courts. She has completed the Foundations Coaching Course and Defensive Coaching Clinic as she continues to learn and grow this next phase of her Netball experience.


She continues to love the game of Netball even after playing for many years, and together with her husband and family is actively involved in playing socially, playing mixed, playing Open competition, Coaching and mentoring.


Jesus has been a big part of Kirsten's life. At age 14 she knew that regularly going to church with my family wasn't enough and needed to have her own personal relationship with Christ.

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